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I was raised in a small town a little over 100 miles northwest of Chicago, IL. I have always been seen as different; weird even. Being “weird” was something I accepted, because to be weird is to be different and different in comparison, I am definitely that. C.C.

I have always had a love for making things, be it drawing, painting or building. Around the age of nine, I had imagined that I could fly and took action in making that happen. I constructed wings from cardboard and covered them with notebook paper I had cut into the shape of petals. I tied the wings to my arms with strings and ran outside to take my flight. When I got outside, I saw my cousin and told her that I was going to fly, and even though I never did, she was sure I could have.

I would tend to believe that I still have the imagination of a child, because I believe nothing is impossible.

Here are a few facts:

  • I Graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography.
  • I am a self-taught web designer and have never taken one class in HTML.
  • I love creating sculptures.
  • I am learning Mandarin.
  • I am a music lover.
  • I can build a computer.
  • My favorite medium is paper and charcoal and I should make a website based on that.